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So this is a picture of my enticing salad that I made myself for lunch today. This post will be fairly quick because I’m taking my lunch time to post about this instead of eating it, that’s what you call blog dedication!

First, I’m horrible at making myself lunch the night before or the morning before work.  After I cook dinner I really don’t feel like making another meal, and I really don’t feel like I have time to fit it anywhere else in my schedule (because walking my dog and catching up on Dexter are more important uses of my time).  Nonetheless, last night I managed to make myself a salad after I made dinner. I must say I’m quite proud of myself.

We all know the money and calorie saving benefits of a homemade meal, so I won’t go into all of that.  However, I want to discuss my inspiration for this salad.  Usually during lunch I run over to Subway to grab a sandwich.  I feel guilty about this for 2 reasons: 1) I can make a Subway sandwich at home 2) In high school I worked for Quiznos, so I guess I just have some loyalty issues.

Anyway this was inspired by their Italian BMT sandwich. It usually comes with pepperonis and salami, but I happened to have some prosciutto on hand. (I think this would be delicious with whatever deli ham you happen to have). So I took some salad greens, some banana peppers, some sliced roasted red peppers, 2 slices of prosciutto, and my fancy blend italian cheeses, and voila the BMT in healthy salad form.  I whipped up some balsamic vinaigrette for this, but this would also be fantastic with red wine vinaigrette.  (if you make a lot of homemade salad dressings you should totally buy this) I think this would also be great if you had some olives or olive salad mix to add, and it could be more like a muffaletta salad than the Italian BMT.

Anyway I’ll definitely start converting more of my sandwiches to salad, I would love to hear comments about any other conversions! I think I’ll work on trying to convert the meatball sub next!