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I find most people are really intimidated by cooking fish, and I used to be one of them even though I live in Southern Louisiana. I guess just the fact that it’s not an everyday meal like chicken or beef really tends to throw people off.  Anyway I decided to share my “go to” Salmon dish. I really love salmon, its an easy fish to cook, when it’s done it flakes easily with a fork, and there’s no weird guessing if its raw on the inside. Also if you decide to ever marinate salmon, or any seafood for that matter it takes less time than beef, pork, or chicken would.

So I start this dish like an good southern good and I melt down a half stick of butter (you can do a mixture of butter and oil if you want to be healthy–just make it around 4 tablespoons). Preheat your broiler! not unless you have awesome toaster oven that broils for you without needing to be preheated!

Then I add all of this to my butter/oil.


Salt and pepper to taste.

dashes of ginger and parsley…fresh ginger and parsley would be better, but this is what I had.

2 tsp of dijon mustard

your sauce will be oily, and have a weird consistency…but that’s totally okay!

use about 1/2-3/4 of your sauce and pour onto your salmon. then broil it about 3 inches away from the heat source, and for 10 minutes for every inch thick your salmon is ( i.e. 20 minutes, for a 2 inch filet). Halfway through cooking baste your salmon with the rest of your buttery/oil concoction.

Last, enjoy your salmon with some mashed potatoes that you whipped up while broiling your salmon, or maybe some sauteed asparagus! I hope my 7 ingredient dish has helped show that fish isn’t that scary, and it’s super easy and quick to prepare.

**I used a little more than a pound of salmon, and cut it into 2 filets, but this can definitely be done with 4 filets if it’s being cooked for more than 2 people**