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On Saturday, I went and picked up my first CSA box. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture; these boxes allow you to buy local and seasonal food directly from farmers (1). I’ve known about CSA boxes for awhile and as far as I know Hollygrove Market and Farm is the only farmer’s market in New Orleans that has a weekly CSA box.  I’ll admit even though I’ve known about the weekly box at Hollygrove for quite some time I never bought it.  Mostly because the box scared the crap out of me, I mean seriously what happens when you get something crazy like turnips or kumquats! How are you supposed to deal with those?

Well I decided this weekend I was going to go for it, my love for supporting local business finally outpaced my fear of the unknown.  Admitting you have no clue on what do with a food item (or anything) is quite hard for me, and probably the reason I avoided the box for so long.  The Hollygrove website has quelled some of my fears by providing a box meal plan that contains some recipe suggestions for what’s in the box. Nonetheless the whole point of me buying the box was for me to strike out on my own and make up some recipes and just see what happens.

So yesterday morning I decided I was going to make breakfast, and that I should use some of the fresh strawberries that I received.  I figured strawberries were an easy and familiar food and a good way of easing myself into eating all the fruit and vegetables in the box. I sleepily whipped up somel pancakes and figured why not make a delicious strawberry syrup type sauce (title pending). All I did was take about a cup of strawberries  and a tablespoon of sugar and put it in small saucepan on low heat for about 20 minutes. The result was a delicious, jam-esque (and pretty) pancake topping. 

My official taste tester aka my picky boyfriend loved them. Now I used all my strawberry sauce on the pancakes, but if I had any left of I would definitely add it to a bagel with cream cheese, or swirl it into some yogurt. As you can see I’ve opened myself up to many possibilities with just one of the fruits from my CSA box.  I’ll post about my adventures/challenges with turnips and mustard greens once I figure out what I’m going to do with them.