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So what on earth is a steak off?  If you’ve ever seen the movie Zoolander and are familiar with the walk off scene than you pretty much know the idea of a steak off. A good friend of mine is a great cook, and we regularly swap recipe ideas and have cooked for each other and our non-cooking counterparts several times.

One night last week, after several glasses of wine, we decided that a steak off was necessary. My boyfriend and his girlfriend are strangers to the kitchen so they loved this idea and also the idea of being guinea pigs for our steak recipe research.

Our categories for the steak off are: taste, presentation, wine pairing, awesomeness of side item, and of course an actual walk off in case of a tie breaker.

So I decided to turn to the public with my ideas for the steak off:

1) Steak Au Poivre: This is essentially pepper coated steak in a pan sauce made with beef stock and brandy.  This is also one of Julia Child’s famous recipes so if it works for her I think it could work for me. ( I made this recipe this weekend and the boyfriend gave his seal of approval)

2) Steak with some form of Bone Marrow: I’ve had steak with bone marrow butter twice at restaurants (one in Miami and one here in New Orleans). Both times it was fabulous. I think bone marrow is the right ingredient to throw off my competitor, but it’s also something that can throw me off too….because I’ve never cooked with it before, and I’m not quite sure how to incorporate it into a butter.

3.) Steak with a fancy reduction: I was thinking of a wine or balsamic reduction to go over the steak, also my competitors girlfriend loves balsamic stuff so I figured it could win her over to my side.

My sides will probably range from risotto, to potatoes, to a light salad. Plating and wines will be worked on in the next couple weeks before the Steak-Off. Also my competitor will most likely grill his steak (that’s just his style), I will sear mine on both sides and then finish it in the oven.We will also be using the same cuts of meat to avoid any variables of tenderness and so on.

So to all my loyal readers, any fancy steak ideas that you think will blow everyone away?  Any side items suggestions are welcome as well.