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So, I haven’t been posted since Mardi Gras, and NO I have not been partying or still recovering since my last post. I promise I’ll get better at this whole blogging at a decent amount of time between posts deal.

So right now in New Orleans its festival season, we just wrapped up Jazz Fest, which is nice cause I can leave my parking spot on the street, and not have to worry about competing with tourists for a spot 5 blocks away from my place. This weekend is the Bayou Boogaloo, which is 2 blocks from my place and involves bike rides, food, music, and all sorts of good stuff. This is literally my favorite time of the year (even if I complain about parking the entire time).

What I love to do is go picnic at a festival…claim my space with a blanket, open up a bottle of wine, and bust out a baguette and cheese, and maybe whatever jam or preserves I’m feeling. Image So today I was going to discuss my favorite cheeses, wines, and jams for a picnic.

Wine: Usually around this time of year it’s quite hot so I usually go with a rosé.

Cheese: I try to find one hard, one soft, and one semi soft cheese and I try and get different milks (cow, goat, sheep) as well. Soft Cheese: go for something decadent, goat cheese or brie of the triple creme variety, brillat savarin (which is essentially butter). Semi Soft/Medium Hard: go wacky, let your cheese monger choose for you, I’ve had Gouda, Gloucester….or even a bleu cheese like Roquefort. Hard Cheese: go traditional, I usually end up getting Manchego or Comte, something I’m familiar with because it’s easy to pair.

Jams: I never really go the berry route; I actually avoid them. I usually try to get fig (which goes great with bleu cheese) or apricot. I like to accompany my cheeses with fresh fruits too if I have them around, such as grapes of pear slices. Another great accompaniment is some walnuts or if you’re looking for a simple sweetener maybe bring along some honey and forget all fancy jams.

Anyway, what I’ve posted are just my guidelines, there are no cheese plate rules in my opinion, no matter what you’re having tons of cheese and that’s what really matters. What cheeses do you like to use in your cheese plates?