My name is Kristen, and I was born and raised in New Orleans (I’ve lived in other places, but I always end up back in New Orleans somehow) .  I attended Tulane University and graduated in 2010 with my degree in political science hence the Politics titled portion of my blog.  Besides continually following politics, I also have a passion for food.  I love to cook, create, and recreate my own version of recipes. So I decided I would merge the two things in this world I genuinely get excited about and create a blog.

Now if you’re thinking this blog is about food politics, it’s not. (even though I find the two worlds of food and politics are increasingly intersecting). My posts will vary from food/recipes to politics. You will probably find as I post that when it comes to food I love Italian, Cajun, and Latin cuisines.  On the politics side of this blog, I tend to enjoy writing about international politics and gender/sexuality issues.   However, with this blog I’m hoping to expand my interests, and I’ll definitely include posts about subjects outside of the aforementioned realms.

Last, things I love outside of food and politics would be: Female vocalists that fall under the diva category (i.e. Tina Turner), Reading, the New Orleans Saints, and Corgis.

This is Coach, my Corgi.  Officially the cutest animal on the planet.










All pictures are taken by me in this blog, unless otherwise noted. For example, my background is from here.


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  1. that corgi has a nice guitar!

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